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Sunday 25th March     Palm Sunday

8.00am   Holy Communion (BCP)

(St Anne’s) 10.00am    Holy Communion (CWC)

(Parish Hall)10.15am    Mustard Seed Café

10.15am procession with a donkey

through the town to St Anne’s Church

10.15am    Holy Communion (CWC)

with reading of the Passion Narrative

during the service

Mon 26th March

(St Anne’s)  8.00pm    Lent Course Concluding Service

Weds 28th March

10.00am   Holy Communion (CWC)

(St Anne’s Hall)  7.30pm    Biblical Meal

Thurs 29th March       MaundyThursday

(St Anne’s) 10.00am         Holy Communion (CWC)

8.00pm          Holy Communion

of the Last Supper

Fri 30th March            Good Friday

12 noon        3 Hours at the Foot of the Cross

Sunday 1st April         Easter Day

(St Anne’s)  8.00am      Holy Communion (BCP)

10.15am      Easter Communion (CWC)