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St Anne’s

St Anne’s Church, Nursery Lane, Wilmslow

Please see our Home Page for updates on services

For further information, please contact:

07958 108693 or 01625 252095

Revd Jennie Prince (Curate)                    
07869 313653                                  

Parish Office
07556 710485

Caroline Lucas (Church Warden)
07779 398324                         

Jackie Watts (Church Warden)
01625 536896 

Flo Knowles (St Bart’s and FoodFriend Manager)                                   
07592 582567

Please also see our Facebook page: Wilmslow Parish CofE


St Anne’s is the daughter church of St Bartholomew in the Parish of Wilmslow and is situated on Nursery Lane.

There are many initiatives which are shared between the two churches and this encourages a cohesive and community focused approach to both worship and outward facing mission opportunities. The Food Friend is a good example of this collaborative ministry and is supported both practically and in the provision of resources. 

Another shared activity is that of Home Groups. These are a smaller and more intimate way of exploring faith issues and enjoying time with other people of faith in a small group, which meets in someone’s home. The lent groups also are shared and members from either congregation have the chance to mix and widen their churchmanship. 


We have strong links with St Anne’s school which is opposite church. The children attend regularly each Thursday in term time for an assembly to connect the Christian and Biblical stories with the subjects and themes they are learning about in class.

The service timetable can be found on the main Parish Webpage.

St Anne’s Church, Nursery Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5JG