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Friends of the Parish

Patron: The Lord Bishop of Stockport

The Past
St Richard Fitton of Boleyn errected a church by the Bollin River in about 1250. The present church of St Bartholomew’s has served the community of Wilmslow for 500 years.

The daughter church of St Anne’s Fulshaw, was built in 1876.

Generations have been baptised, married and buried and the buildings have been in constant use.

The Present
The Friends of the Parish of Wilmslow was formed in 1990

    ▪       To bring together all those who care for St Bartholomew’s, Wilmslow and its daughter church, St Anne’s Fulshaw.

    ▪       To raise funds to help maintain and restore the fabric of the two buildings.

The Friends exist for all who care for the heritage which is ours. The Parish budget has no surplus to pay for extensive repairs and restoration. The Parish relies on its Friends.

The Future
Please help us to care for our heritage and to preserve St Bartholomew’s and St Anne’s for future generations, by becoming a member of the Friends. Your membership will help provide a permanent means of funding.

Welcome – The Parish looks forward to having you as a Friend

    ▪       To welcome you to our churches

    ▪       To invite you to the Friends Festival and Annual General Meeting

    ▪       To invite you to other social events each year

Even if you are unable to take part regularly in Friend’s activities, your membership will be a help and an encouragement.

For further information please contact Isobel Chetwood  at